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What do our customers say:

This is the best software I ever use to create surveys. I have developed the first survey without any instrucction, not even reading Google. I love it.


Very good and user friendly.


Excellent tool very practical and easy to use.


Fantastic application and the latest technology!


Super way to put my survey making skills to work.


It is an excellent help tool, to obtain statistics, quickly and accurately.


Very easy to handle and excellent.


Very good survey page, I would recommend it.


I liked it very much, very easy and fast.


Excellent format, very practical and fun.


I like it a lot. Great way to help people grow.


The page is very easy to use and gives steps in a clear and concise manner.


Very simple, didactic and with a very nice interface.


Very good! Very useful, easy to use


I loved how easy it is to use.


It was very easy to do, no problems.

The survey you want At SYEVRUS you can design your free online survey your way. With easy-to-use tools and, above all, with complete freedom. Create open questions, suggest answer options, ask sub-questions. Enter and discover everything we can do for you.
Free? Yes! The surveys that you are going to create have no cost. Nor are we going to ask for your credit card. Just register, prepare your survey and send it. The only limit is that you can do 2 surveys and 200 responses for individuals and 3 surveys and 500 responses for companies in total. And if you need more, check out our expansion plans.
Know your audience Your customers, the users of your service, your potential audience… it has a lot to say. And you, much to know. Studying their environment, market and opinions will help you go further. Do the test! We have three types of easy survey that you can modulate however you want.
In just 3 steps! SYEVRUS is one of the best platforms to create free online surveys, and we are going to prove it to you.

Sign up for SYEVRUS. Enter your corporate or private email and password. We don't need any more data.


Generate your survey and send it. Create the questions you want and send the survey through a link or a QR code, which you can share through your email, social networks ...


Discover the results. In SYEVRUS you will be able to see the answers, your reports and the analysis of the results.

Do you need more advantages? We have them!
Up to 3 surveys and 500 free responses
Unlimited questions & answers
Create subquestions
Combine answers with numbers and words
For unlimited time
Easy to use
No credit card
No extra charges
Get data in real time
Powerful platform
Simple to manage
No need to install on the computer
What do our customers say
It is a tool that helps us objectively assess internal quality and obtain results quickly and efficiently. It facilitates the collection of data, the preparation of reports and also helps us to share the results obtained in an agile way.
We have been using it for several years because it is a very practical program to be able to evaluate the quality of the agents and especially because of the detailed reports that it offers on the evolution of the quality of the department.
Allows us to have, in an easy and effective way, a completely personalized survey tool to evaluate the quality of our services anywhere in the world. Knowing rigorously the opinion of our customers helps us to improve.